Martha Argerich's concerts are always planned, but they are never guaranteed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Verbier Cancellation... or not!

According to the Verbier Festival, Martha Argerich has decided to withdraw from the concert on July 26. Her chamber music concert on July 22 will however go ahead as planned.

Well, she actually decided to play in the concert after all! Argerich performed a couple of Kreisler pieces with Ivry Gitlis and Lutoslawski's Paganini Variations with Evgeny Kissin. That really was a surprise!

You can see the concert online for free until 30 October 2011.


  1. Martha Argerich was due to play at the BBC Proms on Monday 18th July but has been replaced by Frank Braley.

  2. For our surprise, she appeared that night and played with Gitlis and Kissin!
    It seemed that she changed her mind just before the concert because Yuja Wang, the pianist who was announced to replace Martha was also on stage...

  3. I was devastated wheb I found out she had cancelled the concert I bought the seats 4 months ago and travelled 750 kms... Then the program whe got at the begining of the concert said that she finally had decided to come, for 2 small pieces with Gitlis. The performance was not really good and that was it. And out of the blue she came back at the very end of the concert for Lutoslawski's Paganini variations with Kissin. I never heard Martha Argerich play this piece with such power, such magnificence, such perfection. Eight minutes of pure perfection. It was definitly worth it...

    1. Came across this blog recently. Your experience and feelings mirror mine! Except that I travelled thousands of miles from Asia, and am glad I did not cancel when I found out about her cancellation!!

  4. Three concerts with Martha are scheduled in Paris (Salle Pleyel) ; one for Kremer's birthday and two other for the program "Lugano in Paris ; Martha and her guests" ;D

    More (fr & en) :

  5. Hallo,
    I have just found your blog dedicated to the great concert pianist, Martha Argerich.
    It is September 11th, but as there have been no new posts I shall add my bit here.
    We were incredibly honoured to have Martha come to play for us here in Edinburgh, Scotland, in August and happily I had gained a seat in the 6th row.
    Amazingly, I passed her a half hour or so before the performance in the street outside the Usher Hall. Yes, she looked a little worn, but what struck me was a certain look of greatness, as she walked gently up past me.
    They played a duet by Mozart I play with one of my pupils. It's an easy piece, but I warmed to the humility of the choice; it made a bridge between us.

  6. Thank you so much for your great Posts! Do you know about her recent concert schedule?? xx