Martha Argerich's concerts are always planned, but they are never guaranteed.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello, and welcome to the new Martha Argerich blog! I have created this blog to serve as the continuation of the concerts page Andrys Basten created, as well as an extension of the Yahoo group dedicated to Martha Argerich.

Apologies in advance for the sparse layout. Although I am an avid reader of blogs, I am a complete newbie in creating them, so please bear with me while I learn the necessary techniques to better the aesthetic aspect of the blog. Please feel free to comment, and if you have any future concert information, please send them to me in a message (you can send me a PM by clicking on my profile picture, and then on 'Send a message'). Don't forget to subscribe to the RSS feeds so that you get updates as they are posted (you can do so by clicking on the "Subscribe to Posts" button at the right sidebar)!

I really hope you will find the information here useful and that it will be an important outlet for admirers of the art of Martha Argerich. Enjoy!



  1. Dear Paul,

    Thanks a lot for that new blog and all informations noticed!
    Don't criticize yourself too much: it's such a hard task to create one that I've never felt free to do it! Your presentation is perfectly clear.

    Here are 2 concerts programs given in "Piano a Lyon" (Salle Moliere, Lyon, France) in last november you can add to your list:

    26/11 : Martha Argerich & Alexander Moguilevsky

    - Schubert : Rondo in A maj op. 107 D. 951
    - Prokofiev/Pletnev : Cinderella Suite op. 97
    - Tchaïkovski/Economou : The Nutcracker Suite op. 71
    - Rachmaninov : Suite for 2 pianos n°2 op. 17

    28/11 : Martha Argerich et Nelson Goerner

    - Mozart : Sonata for 4 hands K.381
    - Bach : Partita n°2 in C min. BWV 826 (Martha)
    - Janacek : Sonata “1rst October 1905” (Nelson)
    - Bartok : Sonata for 2 pianos & percussions Sz.110 (Guillaume Itier & Yi-Ping Yang, percussions)

    It's a pity the french TV channel, Mezzo, was not there to record this 2 concerts (above all the 2nd one for Cinderella) as they did in 2008...!!!

    Thanks again Paul for this good and interesting job, and come on, we all await the next update.


  2. Merci Odile-Claire! J'ai ajouté votre information sur le blog.

  3. Dear Paul!
    This site is amazing! Thank you very much!
    Kind regards,