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Monday, January 9, 2012

Same music, different angles

The past couple of months, Argerich has been playing quite a lot of Shostakovich. Just a few days before she started her tour with the Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra, she played the same Shostakovich concerto with the CHAARTS Chamber Aartists Orchestra in two concerts in Boswil, Switzerland.
The encore of the last movement was recorded by a member of the orchestra (likely to be a cellist), presumably with the knowledge and consent of Argerich. They put their iPhone on the piano, and posted the resulting edited clip on Youtube.
A few days later, someone in the audience of the VFCO concert filmed the encore of the last movement as well, and that clip also appeared on Youtube.

Take a look.

Boswil, Switzerland, 30 November 2011                  

Firenze, Italy, 12 December 2011

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  1. When I first came across this film on YT I thought it was some kind of a joke! How is it possible to make a video from Martha's concert with an iPhone put on the piano? It's very nice. Martha makes a surprise again :-) But this kind of things can happen only with this one-in-kind pianist (as we can see - one in kind on every level )